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How to start playing online casino

Starting your casino adventure is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, we can only decide at one moment based on the advertisement that is displayed on the screen, but it will not necessarily be a good choice. You always have to think carefully and analyze all the possibilities that online and land-based casinos offer us. There are many aspects that are valued among players and which should often be highlighted from the very beginning. That is why we invite you to the following review, in which we describe factors such as: website, registration process, making a deposit and further withdrawals, types of games and the process of playing them, first deposit bonuses, long and short-term promotions, jackpots, options live casinos, customer service, responsible gaming and our short summary. Do not follow the internet advertising, everything we present here will have much more weight and you will quickly find out. You have it like a bank.



The first thing we'll see is an online business card. It is she who can encourage or discourage us to a given position. Most of the brands recognized in Europe have used solutions that have worked so far and are awarded in many different competitions and plebiscites. So what characterizes a good site, besides that it works impeccably fast? We list a few main points, which will undoubtedly be found where it is worth registering. The page layout in 2016 looks as follows: at the top, the registration and login panel, located near the brand logo. Immediately below it are beams with a choice of product or major casino issues. Below it probably the most visible thing, a rotator, almost always covering the entire width of the screen. We find information about current promotions and news that should draw us into a given topic. Below it is a list of games from the most popular, through the most played and their combination. On both sides we will get the highest jackpots and winnings from the last minutes (yes, we can monitor who and how often wins!), As well as a list of types of casino games, which in a few words we write below. The tip, however, is a list of main links and references, as well as the footer itself, which you certainly associate.


The registration process means that you have already made up your mind. We advise you to carefully read all the regulations and ... reviews of the users themselves, which we have quite a lot in the Internet environment. Who will put up a better casino card than its players? When we have such knowledge, we move on to the next steps. Most operators invite to a simplified system in which we provide our data (email address, password), and then we verify it, e.g. by SMS. The key attitude of each of us should be to mark the 100% correctness of this information. It is absolutely forbidden to mislead casinos in every possible way. So remember to show your ID, adding name, surname, address etc. After the registration process, we are often asked to verify by means of an identity card, in this case e.g. a passport. If we do not do this, we may lose the chance to withdraw our funds or even the game itself! Why risk when you simply select your person.


Deposit is a very important issue. It is true that casinos are worth remembering! - they give you the opportunity to play for free, for so-called virtual currency, which does not require any funds from us, but in the end, the key in the game is to win money and adrenaline, which can not be felt otherwise. So when you are going to make a donation, also look at the ways that have been made available to you. What is better, the casino will guarantee the use of all major payment forms, from VISA and Mastercard, through PayPal or PayU and Przelewy24, which are important in Poland (where we will find almost all the major banks, from mBank, Alior Bank, through PKO, BNP Paribas and others). Sometimes we also want to use virtual wallets, such as Netteler or Skrill / Moneybookers. And those who are fussy will ask about Western Union, paysafecard, Entropay or a classic bank transfer from the post office.
Here the time of payment and withdrawal counts, so choose the most convenient option for you that will guarantee an immediate transfer of funds. The withdrawal process may be longer, and if you do not verify your documents in advance, it may be extended up to several business days. This must not be forgotten. An important note is the regulations, posted with most online operators, which says that deposited funds can only be withdrawn to the account from which the transaction was carried out.